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Club Level CoWorking

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Power of You!

Welcome to Club Level CoWorking The newest and most advanced coworking office space in downtown Pittsburgh and Columbus. We strive to offer the best most inclusive coworking office space in town. Get ready for an exeperience like no other!

The Club Level CoWorking Difference!
Think Long Term!

Don’t be seduced by the glitzy marketing campaign, the promise of free beer or the occasional sweet roll. You have decided to jump into a coworking membership to develop your business. To make money. Let’s keep that in focus.
Club Level CoWorking is the only Coworking office that can accommodate your office needs through your entire business life cycle. That’s a game changer!
  • If you outgrow Coworking we will move you to your own office suite outside of Coworking. Since we own the building this is easy!
  • If you outgrow Coworking and still want access to all of the CoWorking amenities we will sell you memberships at a 70% discount of $99 per month.
  • If you are a client of this office in one of our more traditional office suites and your head count swells because of success we will sell you memberships at $99 per month
  • If for any reason, your headcount drops, simply drop their memberships and reduce back down to your office suite.
Because we are Owner-Operators of NOT just the CoWorking Space, but of the ENTIRE BUILDING we can deliver to you flexibility that traditional Coworking providers cannot provide.
Sign up for a membership in the CoWorking Space that will provide for your office needs today and as you succeed!
At Club Level CoWorking we believe in people and their entrepreneurial spirit. We seek to build a community of like-minded doers, visionaries, change makers & problem solvers. The end result cannot be described, it must be experienced all inside an advanced coworking space. Come by and start experiencing Club Level CoWorking
Choose whichever one of our coworking membership options suits the size of your team and stage of growth you’re in. Simply show up and get to work, everything else is taken care of!

Tours Are Taking Place in our Pittsburgh and Columbus Locations!

Join us for a tour of Club Level CoWorking Anytime

Contact or call 412-471-6868 (Pittsburgh) or 614-221-4736 (Columbus) for a tour!

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Club Level CoWorking

Membership Plans

What Your Coworking Membership Includes

Telephone Rooms
Conference Rooms and Event Space
Reciprocity in Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh
WiFi and Bluetooth Speaker For your Own Music
Food and Beverage Programming
Copy and Print Program
Casual Living Room Environment
Fully Equipped Kitchen
Tables for Seating

CoWorking Shared

Starting at $350.00 monthly

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CoWorking Dedicated

Starting at $550 monthly

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CoWorking Shared

$350.00 /month
  • Unlimited Access to and from the facility.
  • Private personal office
  • FREE conference room use (Based on availability)
  • WiFi
  • Access to Daily Events
  • Telephone Rooms
  • Business Mail Handling
  • One Membership Access Card
  • NO Sign-up Fee

Club Level CoWorking

Discount Packages

Multiple Ways to Save on Your Club Level CoWorking Membership!

CoWorking Shared

Individual Shared Membership Discounts
6-Month Commitment - $325 per month ($25 per month savings)
12-Month Commitment - $300 per month ($50 per month savings)
Individual CoWorking Community Program
Build Your Own Community or Join an Existing Community!
Our CoWorking Community Program is designed for you to build your own Coworking Community and receive monthly membership discounts based on the size of your community. The larger the community the larger your monthly discount! Click here to learn more.
1 Member - $0 Discount ($350/per month)
2-3 Members - $20 Discount ($330/per month)
4-6 Members - $30 Discount ($320/per month)
7-10 Members - $40 Discount ($310/per month)
11-15 Members - $50 Discount ($300/per month)

Corporate Bucket Membership Discounts
Buckets of 5-10 Members with 12-Month Commitment - $300 per month (per single membership)
Buckets of 11 Members or More with 12-Month Commitment - $280 per month (per single membership)

Dedicated Office Space

6-Month Commitment - Starting at $525 per month ($25 savings)
12-Month Commitment - Starting at $500 per month ($50 per month savings)


$350 /Month

This membership is great if you’re always on the go and need unlimited access to workspace. Also book conference rooms and enjoy all the benefits of the community.


Who is it good for?


CoWorking Dedicated

Starting at

$550 /Month

(Subject to needs)
You and/or your team will feel at home with your own desk in a shared workspace, surrounded by inspiring individuals. Simply show up and get to work, while we take care of the rest.


Who is it good for?